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Keywords: einstein
Downloads: 10
[audio]Einstein on E=M(CC) [natural sound version] - This version created by Denis J. Haughton
Here is somebody, who I might have conversed quite pleasantly, with regards too the principals behind natural sound...alas, I must continue to do so with myself!
Keywords: einstein
Downloads: 25
[texts]How Smart was Einstein - Dan Mesmer
Article about Einstein's intelligence
Keywords: Einstein
Downloads: 325
[movies]Espaço Aberto - Universo Einstein
Espaço Aberto - Universo Einstein
Keywords: Einstein
Downloads: 33
[texts]Einstein Relativity
Keywords: Einstein
Downloads: 639
[movies]Albert Einstein la vita e la scienza
Albert Einstein la vita e la scienza
Keywords: einstein
Downloads: 966
Keywords: einstein
Downloads: 71
[audio]Einstein Apply For An Easier Application Process - Einstein Apply
Einstein Apply offers a comprehensive system for private schools to connect with potential students. Applications are filled out on the site and can be organized, reviewed and even exported by the admissions department. We even offer an integrated system to see statistics and SEO rankings for the school's site to give them a better sense of interest during the application process. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tY25gFutIVE
Keywords: Einstein Apply
[audio]IUMA: King Einstein
King Einstein is a multitalented composer and sounddesigner. His musical spectrum reaches from Symphonic music to Ambient and New Age, from Church Chorales to Rock and Pop. He also writes soundtracks for computer games and movies. King Einstein is Lars Hammer - Composer, Musician, Sound Designer, Producer, Mixing Engineer, Programmer and more. He comes from a family of professional orchestral musicians, so it was not really a surprise when he started composing in the eighties...
Keywords: King Einstein
Downloads: 14
[audio]IUMA: Frank Einstein
This is my one-man thingie. I got a 4-track and I use it frequently. I've always listened to ridiculous amounts of music, so I started to try to make my own. Sometimes, it doesn't work and I just cover other people. Sometimes, it works and come out with some pretty nifty sounding songs. Check out the lyrics section of songs for info about them instead, because these songs rarely contain vocals.
Keywords: Frank Einstein
Downloads: 6
[audio]IUMA: Pink Einstein
Hairy & mouthy, these guys take getting their mess-age across seriously. From drunken ramblining to hyper-extended ganglia, they run the gambit of killer beats to just plain beat. If you miss 'em, you miss a new tributary in the river that is sound..
Keywords: Pink Einstein
Downloads: 11
[etree]Einstein Electric Live at The Jazzhaus on 1997-07-17 - Einstein Electric
EINSTEIN ELECTRIC The Jazzhaus, Lawrence, KS July 17, 1997 I. Intro Possum Reggie B. Chameleon Leroy Esta Delirano Cosmic Imperative Enter the Moon Lux of Lapsury Eat that Question Announcement II. Dark Star Drums The Storm Fire Reprise Tuning Flying Pan Paraiso Verano E. 2001 Fill: soundcheck
Keywords: Einstein Electric
Downloads: 76
[audio]IUMA: Cloning Einstein
Cloning Einstein's smooth, contemporary pop sound originated in the middle-class suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. "Joe Black, Joe Doc, and [former drummer] Brian Doc grew up together, jamming in their basement from the ages of 12 and 14," says personal manager Michael Marquardt. "Joe Black played with Jeff [James Beck] in high school, so the band's amazing chemistry is just the natural result of having that time to grow and develop together...
Keywords: Cloning Einstein
Downloads: 11
[audio]IUMA: signing einstein
BIOGRAPHY signing einstein is a Chicago-based adult contemporary rock group that focuses on developing intricate and thought-provoking music. Their songs reflect influences from Pink Floyd, and Shawn Colvin to a host of other artists based in rock, blues, dance, and reggae. This diverse setting resulted in a compilation of varying tastes and moods, yet still delivered a cohesive and flowing progression of material...
Keywords: signing einstein
Downloads: 22 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]The Coffee House - In Verse - Mark Cohen
Poet Sunil Freeman reads "Drafts for an Imaginary Cartoon (with poetic license)".
Keywords: poetry; Einstein
Downloads: 432
[etree]Einstein Electric Live at The Bottleneck on 1996-10-23 - Einstein Electric
EINSTEIN ELECTRIC The Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS October 23, 1996 Drums Intro Eat that Question Drivin’ South Chameleon Fire Makes the Rhino Run Marbles Third Stone from the Sun Cosmic Imperative Jessica Moby Dick A Blues Unknown
Keywords: Einstein Electric
Downloads: 116
[image]Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
Keywords: Albert Einstein
Downloads: 194
[etree]Einstein Electric Live at The Bottleneck on 1997-05-20 - Einstein Electric
I. Intro Drivin’ South Esta Delirando Cosmic Paraiso Virgil’s Song Chameleon II. Leroy* Fire Makes the Rhino Run -> Drums-> Possum The Storm Cabenza Pickles E. My Soul* 2001 * w/ Jill Atherton on Sax
Keywords: Einstein Electric
Downloads: 67
[texts]Albert Einstein: An Honorary Vegan! - Renia Pruchnicki | Vegan Fashion Designer
Did you know Albert Einstein was a fan of a lifestyle free of animal products? He would have loved Truth's vegan belts! Discover more in this article!
Keywords: Albert Einstein
Downloads: 36
[audio]Albert Einstein teoria relatividad
teoría de la relatividad
Keywords: adimensional; einstein
Downloads: 329
[collection]Einstein Electric - Einstein Electric
Einstein Electric Throughout the 1990’s Einstein Electric played clubs, bars, and festivals across the Midwest. Each night was a different adventure for the band. Some nights they played for two hours, some for over four hours. Einstein Electric ran the musical gambit with sets including covers by Phish, Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead, and Hendrix and originals formed of funk, rock, jazz, and bluegrass...
Keywords: Einstein Electric
Downloads: 159,487
favicon with einstein
Keywords: favicon; einstein
Downloads: 8,814
[texts]Albert Einstein: The world as I see it
Albert Einstein: The world as I see it
Keywords: Albert Einstein
Downloads: 14,066
[movies]The second tunnel movie

Keywords: tunnel; einstein; szilard, cobolt
Downloads: 85
[movies]The first tunnel

Keywords: tunnel; einstein; szilard; cobalt
Downloads: 83
[audio]Find Great Schools With Einstein Apply - Einstein Apply
Find Great Schools with Einstein Apply -Come see how easy it is to narrow down your choices to a fantastic school for your child at www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGJm0HhZN8g
Keywords: Einstein; Apply; School
Downloads: 3
[audio]Episode 8 - History of the Atom - James Fodor
An examination of the atom, beginning with the origin of the concept in ancient Greece, and its subsequent development as a truly scientific idea in the 19th century. I explain the various important contributions made to the field by Thomson, Rutherford, Planck, Einstein and de Broglie, and the resultant evolution of our models of the atom.
Keywords: Physics; atom; Einstein; quantum
Downloads: 74
[audio]verdades_inventadas_ep14_cap1_einstein - LAbI - UFSCar
Radionovela Verdades Inventadas
Keywords: radionovela*fisica*ciencia*einstein
Downloads: 14
[audio]Podcast02: Einstein's Contributions and Interesting Quirks - Alexander Fryer
In this podcast interview, 9 year old Alexander Fryer shares his thoughts about why Albert Einstein is a good role model, and his understanding of Einstein's major discoveries including the photoelectric effect, e=mc2, and relativity. Alexander also discusses some of the important impacts of Einstein's discoveries, and some questions he has been pondering since studying about Einstein for a 3rd grade book report assignment.
Keywords: Einstein; science; education; podcasting
Downloads: 1,302
[texts]Albert Einstein - Levinger, Elma Ehrlich, b. 1887

Keywords: Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955
Downloads: 19
[texts]Aynshṭayn der menṭsh, der Id : oystsugn fun zayne arṭiḳlen, redes un derḳlerungen - Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955
Electronic reproduction
Keywords: Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955
Downloads: 116
[audio]Córeczko - Cukierasy
Cukierasy i Einstein
Keywords: Cukierasy i Einstein
Downloads: 45
[texts]EINSTEIN ELECTRIC - The Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS 10/23/96
EINSTEIN ELECTRIC The Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS October 23rd, 1996 Eat that Question Drivin’ South Chameleon Fire Makes the Rhino Run Marbles 3rd Stone Cosmic Imperative Jessica Moby Dick A Blues
Keywords: Einstein Electric; Bottleneck; EE
Downloads: 6
[audio]lnl_20080423.mp3 - ABC Radio National
Reg reckons space-time is wrong.
Keywords: einstein; spacetime; relativity
Downloads: 72
[texts]PoincareDynamikA - Henri Poincaré
"Über die Dynamik des Elektrons"; Eine Übersetzung (2008) von Poincares Arbeit "Sur la dynamique de l'électron" vom 5. Juni 1905 zur Lorentzschen Äthertheorie bzw. Speziellen Relativitätstheorie, wo dieser u.a. die Lorentz-Transformation und Gravitationswellen einführt.
Keywords: Poincare; Einstein; Relativitaetstheorie; Lorentz
Downloads: 50
[texts]Discos Delgados En Relatividad General
Se  describe y  usa el  formalismo  para obtener  modelos relativistas  de  discos  delgados
Keywords: Einstein-Maxwell equations
Downloads: 4
[texts]Relativity- The special and general theory
The author explains and the breakthrogh achieved by the Theory Relativity.
Keywords: relativity; Einstein; general theory
Downloads: 230
[image]Einstein's Daughter - page 295 - Michele Zackheim
This is a credit from the book EINSTEIN'S DAUGHTER the search for lieserl, by Michele Zackheim, published by Riverhead Books, New York, (October 1999). 301 pages. Illustrated. No index.
Keywords: Albert Einstein; Greta Markstein
Downloads: 51
[image]Zur Elektrodynamic bewegter Musiker - Jeff Morris
Created on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity (June 30, 1905), this improvisational environment explores textures built up from imitative counterpoint, after Josquin, Webern, and Nancarrow.
Keywords: Electroacoustic; Interactive; Einstein; MaxMSP
Downloads: 62
[texts]Einstein Dreams
Einstein Dreams
Keywords: Einstein Dreams.docx
Downloads: 70
[audio]IOT Relativity 06 Jun 13
A panel of experts discuss the theory of relativity
Keywords: Einstein; relativity; science; physics
Downloads: 15
[texts]Einsteins Originaltext zur Relativitätstheorie - Albert Einstein
Einsteins Originaltext zur Relativitätstheorie
Keywords: Einstein; Physik; Relativitätstheorie
Downloads: 485
[texts]Bose Einstein condensates in atomic gases ; simple theoretical results - Y. Castin
Contents: introduction; the ideal Bose gas in a trap; a model for the atomic interactions; interacting Bose gas in the Hartree-Fock approximation; Properties of the condensate wave functions; Gaussian Ansatz; What we learn from a linearization of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation; Bogoliubov approach and thermodynamical stability; Phase coherence properties of Bose-Einstein condensates; Symmetry breaking description of condensates...
Keywords: Bose-Einstein condensation
Downloads: 35
[texts]Os 100 Anos Da Teoria Da Relatividade Restrita De Einstein
Globo News - ARQUIVO N - 13/04/2005 Entender o porquê das forças da natureza era o princípio de Einstein. O biógrafo do cientista, John Stachel, vai falar sobre os caminhos de Einstein que mexeu com a história da humanidade aos 26 anos.
Keywords: Einstein; ARQUIVO N
Downloads: 24
[audio]IUMA: DJ Einstein MC Squared
DJ Einstein isn't really a DJ. In fact, the whole trend that has become the rave scene rather nauseates him. Nonetheless, he fell in love with the music, which ultimately drives him to produce better sounding, less monotonous, quality dance music for the masses. Do with it as you will, but remember: raves are commercially accepted forms of mid-sixties CIA mind control experiments. MC Squared is a machine...
Keywords: DJ Einstein MC Squared
Downloads: 18
[audio]Podcast02: Einstein's Contributions and Interesting Quirks - Alexander Fryer
In this podcast interview, 9 year old Alexander Fryer shares his thoughts about why Albert Einstein is a good role model, and his understanding of Einstein's major discoveries including the photoelectric effect, e=mc2, and relativity. Alexander also discusses some of the important impacts of Einstein's discoveries, and some questions he has been pondering since studying about Einstein for a 3rd grade book report assignment.
Keywords: Einstein; science; education; podcasting
Downloads: 481
[texts]PoincareReaktion - Henri Poincaré
"Die Theorie von Lorentz und das Prinzip der Reaktion"; Übersetzung (2008) von Poincares "La théorie de Lorentz et le principe de réaction" (1900), worin er implizit die Formel E=mc^2 verwendet, und eine operationale Definition von Gleichzeitigkeit und Uhrensynchronisation angibt.
Keywords: Poincare; Lorentz; Einstein; Relativitaetstheorie
Downloads: 63
[texts]Ueber einen Versuch zur Optik der bewegten Koerper - Max von Laue
Theorie eines Sagnac-Interferenzversuches bei rotierenden Versuchsanordnungen, Münchener Sitzungsberichte 1911, 405-412
Keywords: Relativitaetstheorie; Einstein; Laue; Sagnac
Downloads: 128
[audio]Hoaxilla #21 - "Philadelphia Experiment" - Alexa & Alexander
Oktober 1943 ... Geheimes Militärprojekt ... STOP ... USS Eldridge verschwindet ... STOP ... katastrophale Auswirkungen auf die Crew ... STOP ... Experimente bis auf Weiteres einstellen ... STOP Was geschah wirklich beim 'Philadelphia Experiment'? Hoaxilla findet die eindeutige Antwort!
Keywords: Philadelphia Experiment; Einstein; Tesla
Downloads: 8,742
[texts]Conversations with Albert Einstein - Albert Einstein
Conversations with Albert EinsteinShankland, R. S.American Journal of Physics, Volume 31, Issue 1, pp. 47-57 (1963)
Keywords: Einstein; Science; Physics; Interview
Downloads: 5
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